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This microwallet service started sometime mid 2019. at the time the workings just seemed like an exact copy of faucethub. It has a large and specialised list of linked earning websites where you can search and select sites based on their stats. if a linked website has no funds it will show that. you can see how much a website has paid out to users, how many user and claim timer right therein the list. click on the top of the tabs and it will auto sort it for you.
If you happen to surf the site with adblock on you will notice the content jumps up and down on the page. so for a better experience just turn off your adblocker.

Design wise its not that great. things arent aligned everywhere. the menu’s are not in the same place and only show when you hover your mouse over it or click on it, depending which menu you check.


A great feature, a copy of faucethub, is the chat box. alas it also is flooded with system messages about people loggin in, leveling up, getting gifts etcetera. This will make it go by very very fast and very diffcult actualy holding a conversation. you can private message other users, and see them along with all messeages where your username is mentioned in one of the linked images on top.
There are also several chat rooms for different languages if english is not your prefered one.
Tested withdrawal feature and was paid during the weekend.


1. register here.
2. get your claim/user id. after registration has been settled, go to dashboard and look for your user id. it will be on top blinking. This unique id can be used to withdraw from linked websites for every coin. example: EC-UserId-3.
3. claim/earn. find a method to earn, like faucets and/or offerwalls.
4a. withdraw. find the section wallet addresses – withdraw, fill in your wallet details.
4b. actually request withdrawal. go back to dashboard, find your coin, click balance and request withdrawal.

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