According to CEO, the NFT craze and institutional capital will get the next 100 million crypto consumers.

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According to CEO Kris Marszalek, the two key forces behind mainstream acceptance are convergent.

The video below reveals the most recent interview with CEO Kris Marszalek to learn about the catalysts that would propel cryptocurrency to 200 million consumers. For more information on cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.


When adoption?

According to a report, it took over a decade for crypto to cross 100 million people, or 1% of the global population. However, Marszalek anticipates that the next 100 million users will come in a much shorter period of time.

He said:

“Going from 100 to 200 million is going to be much, much faster than going from, you know, 50 to 100 [million].”

He explained that the expansion of crypto’s network effect will result from a combination of converging trends.

All aboard the institutional money train

Many believe that the entry of notable organisations into the crypto field has marked the beginning of mass acceptance. Paypal and Tesla are increasing their Bitcoin purchases and endorsing Bitcoin transfer rails for non-crypto native users.

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Marszalek commented:

“There is just a whole slew of financial institutions that now are putting a certain portion of their assets into Bitcoin. So that drives quite a lot of action.”

NFTeeing up adoption

So far, NFTs have identified themselves as the hottest issue of 2021. The NBA, Jack Dorsey, and some of the world’s most prestigious auction houses are also cashing in on the trend. Marszalek is enthusiastic about the possibility of “top actors with 100, 200, or 250 million followers” concerning their fan bases in cryptocurrencies. He assumes this would result in an influx of new users:

“Today, culture is led by influencers who are just operating online. This is the perfect time for NFTs to actually go mainstream.”

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