Alexis Ohanian sees a “crypto source” taking shape

The new Ripples platform (XRP) allows - 100CountThe American entrepreneur and co-founder of Reddit believes the cryptocurrency industry is entering a new phase of development.

The Number of developers involved in the ecosystem or the progress of the project Libra Facebook co-founds Reddit, Alexis Ohanianto think that we are in a new ” Crypto pen “”

I don’t try to follow prices, I can’t predict anything. What I can say is that we are currently seeing a crypto source in terms of top engineers, product developers, designers who are developing real solutions above the blockchain. And that’s the most interesting part for me … We really see top talents who build on infrastructure, “he said in an interview with Yahoo finance.

Although he doesn’t want to base his analysis on the prices observed in the market, Ohanian couldn’t help but mention the recent price increase of the first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin (BTC)that has been buzzing with the $ 10,000 in the past few weeks.

I have had a percentage of my assets in crypto for some time and I still feel very good about it. Because I think it’s a prudent hedge. It’s interesting to see how Wall Street OGs go in crypto and which ones to buy Bitcoin. It shows more and more that he is here to stay, ”he added.

The famous hedge fund manager has this month Paul Tudor Jones explained that Wall Street could at the ” historical birth of a store of value With Bitcoin.

Ohanian’s comments come as Reddit currently experiencing one new system of “community points” based on the blockchain ether.

The husband of the tennis woman Serana Williams has never made a secret of his interest in blockchain, and especially Ethereum.

Last year he mainly invested in Horizon blockchain games, a Canadian startup that is developing an online trading card game on Ethereum.

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