Aorus FV43U gaming display from Gigabyte is a 43-inch 4K beast.

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DisplayHDR 1000 qualification

If you’ve had your hands on the newest and greatest PC gaming hardware from Nvidia, Intel, or AMD, now might be a smart time to invest in a new display. If that’s the case, Gigabyte aims to persuade you that its current offering, the FV43U, is the way to go. Its 43-inch size challenges many household TVs while maintaining all of the functionality you’d expect from a high-end gaming display.


The FV43U will belong to Gigabyte’s Aorus product line-up, and it will ship with surprisingly slim bezels (for a TV-sized display), optional legs for those who prefer not to wall-mount, and a built-in TV tuner. We don’t have a specific release date yet, but Videocardz reports that some Asian retailers have already begun to accept pre-orders for the FV43U.

According to price conversions, the US price tag will be about $1,516. The final price would almost certainly vary, but not by much — $1,500 is about what I’d expect to pay for what’s on sale here. For eg, the FV43U’s 144Hz refresh rate and 4K output resolution aren’t high-end features on their own, but seeing them bundled with one package justifies a higher price tag.

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As if that weren’t enough, the FV43U still has DisplayHDR 1000 certification, which could imply better contrast, a larger colour gamut, and a peak brightness of 1000 nits.


Don’t be worried with such a large panel’s gaming abilities — According to Videocardz, the FV43U has an MPRT response time of 1ms, resulting in lightning-fast picture transformations with limited persistence.

As Blur Busters has previously said, “moving image” response times are a much greater indicator of a monitor’s ability to manage blur than gray-to-gray response times, which are often marketed more aggressively (because they are easier to reduce).

For the time being, that’s all we know about the FV43U. We’ll keep you updated as Gigabyte reveals more information about the system, but for now, those of you with $1,500 burning a hole in your pocket will have to wait.

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