Apple now preventing iPhone users from updating to iOS 14.4.1.

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Apple also stopped signing iOS 14.4.1, which means that users who have already upgraded their iPhones to a newer iOS version will no longer be able to downgrade to this version.

Although this is something Apple normally does when launching new iOS releases, it makes perfect sense this time because iOS 14.4.2 includes major improvements, and users are advised to upgrade it as quickly as possible.

More precisely, iOS 14.4.2 fixes a security flaw that has been widely abused, with Apple reporting that it fixes a WebKit vulnerability that could enable a malicious attacker to execute code on an unpatched computer using crafted web material.

Users can, in principle, instal the latest update as quickly as possible to insure they are safe from any future attack based on this vulnerability.

iOS 14.5 also just around the corner

Although Apple has thus prevented users from downgrading to an earlier version of iOS, a newer version is still in the works and may be released as soon as this month.

iOS 14.5 is a significant upgrade that includes significant changes such as a new battery recalibration option and new Apple Maps functionality.

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The mapping app, for example, would provide injury reports in the same way as Waze does, with users able to flag incidents like incidents on the screen.

Furthermore, iOS 14.5 will enable users to use an Apple Watch to open their Face ID-protected iPhone while wearing a mask. However, while this form is used, the iPhone cannot be used to make purchases.

Other enhancements in iOS 14.5 feature new Siri voices and a slew of bug fixes that can make using an iPhone much more reliable and polished. Version 14.5 will be available for iPhone 6s and newer, much as iOS 14.

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