Apple shares retail store reopening strategy

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A cautious approach to reopening Apple retail stores

In brief: Apple is among several major companies in the process of implementing a retail reopening strategy after Covid-19 containment efforts kept storefronts closed for nearly two months. In short, the company is taking several precautions and will only move forward with reopening a store after evaluating local conditions.

In a recent letter to customers, Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice president of retail and people, said that nearly 100 stores have reopened globally.

Apple said it will only move forward with reopening a store once it is confident it can safely return to servicing customers at a particular location. This involves looking at local cases and trends as well as factoring in guidance from local and national health officials.

The tech giant is also taking additional steps to keep shoppers and employees safe at most locations. Apple is limiting occupancy at its stores to give people plenty of room and is renewing its focus on one-on-one, personalized service. Staffers will also conduct temperature checks at the door while posted health questions will help to screen for those with symptoms.

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Furthermore, face masks will be required for all team members and customers (they’ll be supplied to shoppers that don’t bring their own). Apple said it will also be conducting enhanced deep cleanings throughout the day.

Shoppers can use the Find a Store search tool to check the status of their local stores, Apple said.

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