Arbitrum ships cautious debut draws main DeFi protocols on Layer 2 network

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The hopeful rollup network had a successful, although rough, beta debut.

One highly expected “rollup” layer 2 sidechain for Ethereum has now emerged amid a landscape of so-called scaling solutions mostly constituted of sidechains and EMV-enabled rivals.

In a blog post published late last night, Offchain Labs announced the debut of Abritrum One. Arbitrum One is presently in beta on Ethereum, however parties interested in participating and building implementations with the rollup technology must apply:

The market has long been yearning for a genuine layer 2 scaling solution, and the team reports that demand for Arbitrum has been strong right from the start.

“The developer interest and enthusiasm for Arbitrum has exceeded our wildest expectations,” reads the announcement. “Over 250 teams have requested access for our developer launch, and we can’t wait to see what they build on Arbitrum and how much gas savings this will enable.”

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Rollup scaling methods have long been desired by development teams. Arbitrum operates by batching, or rolling up, transactions on a gasless sidechain with a distinct, more efficient set of security and consensus guarantees before reporting the batched transactions to the Ethereum chain.

Despite its popularity, several critics have said that the rollup platform’s distribution was haphazard and that the team forgot to integrate some of the most significant DeFi protocols. Curve Finance’s official account took to Twitter to complain about not being included in the cohort of projects with access at launch, despite having apparently had extensive communication with the Offchain Labs team and being one of the most important money legos in the ecosystem:

The launch has also necessitated some difficult governance considerations. Despite having previously committed to using Optimism as a layer 2, a suggestion on Uniswap’s governance forums to investigate an Arbitrum implementation has become quite popular.

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However, the Arbritrum team claimed that a slew of big names will be exposed during a forthcoming marketing push:

“We’ve begun doing a series of announcements with Arbitrum ecosystem partners, and stay tuned for many more in the coming days. It’s an exciting period ahead, and we’re working hard to make sure that all of your favorite apps and infrastructure will be live and ready when we open Arbitrum One to all users.”

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