Are You a Crypto Noob? Here’s How to Catch Up Fast

Are You a Crypto Noob? Here’s How to Catch Up Fast

The cryptocurrency industry is still in its early days. Most of the major blockchains are still evolving, general awareness about cryptocurrencies remains relatively low, and less than 10% of the world actually owns any digital assets.

Because of this, the potential for further growth remains extremely high, making the industry particularly attractive to outside observers. However, finding the right materials to get up to speed can be a daunting experience for newbies, due to the sheer amount of conflicting information available.

With that in mind, we compiled a list of three platforms you can use quickly lose your newbie status—each of which provides a wealth of crypto educational resources and tools free of charge.

Learn to Trade

Let’s face it. The vast majority of cryptocurrency enthusiasts get into the industry because of the incredible price growth of many digital assets, and because of the profitability of trading cryptocurrency markets.

However, simply jumping into these markets isn’t a great idea. They are wildly volatile, more complex than they first appear, and there are a huge number of different markets, exchanges, and order types available, which you will need to know about before you getting started. This is where NewsCrypto comes in.

NewsCrypto is a popular platform designed to help break down the barriers to cryptocurrency trading by providing users with access to a huge range of trading tools, market indicators, and insights designed to help maximize your trading profitability. These include a wide array of predefined charts, powerful built-in charting tools, and more advanced indicators used by experienced traders to assist with identifying trading opportunities.

But it isn’t just its tools that make it a suitable place for crypto beginners. NewsCrypto recently launched its own school platform, which is one of the most comprehensive educational resources for budding cryptocurrency traders. Through the NewsCrypto School platform, you can learn the basics about cryptocurrencies and trading, and can even get to grips with some of the more advanced trading strategies used by crypto experts—all free of charge!

Cover the Basics with Ledger Academy

When you first enter the cryptocurrency industry, one of the first names you will likely come across is Ledger.

This company is widely respected in the industry thanks to its popular Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X hardware wallets, which millions of people use to store safely store their cryptocurrencies. However, fewer people know that Ledger also maintains one of the most exhaustive blockchain educational resources available, known as Ledger Academy.

Unlike NewsCrypto’s more trading-oriented School platform, Ledger Academy is a more generalized education platform that is designed to help readers get to grips with the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry as a whole. This means it covers the core topics about how blockchains and cryptocurrencies work, the technologies and principles involved in their operation, and the various different types of cryptocurrencies available.

We recommend starting off with the Academy’s “What is blockchain?” and “A brief history on Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies” guides, as these will help you get up to speed pretty quickly. After this, it’s a good idea to jump into the security side of things, as safely storing cryptocurrencies isn’t always the most intuitive thing in the world.

Learn From The Community at TokenTuber

If you have ever used YouTube, then TokenTuber will feel immediately familiar to you. In essence, it’s an online video streaming platform with a crypto-twist.

Rather than being filled with unboxing, gaming, and compilation videos like YouTube, TokenTuber instead mostly features videos that are target to cryptocurrency novices and traders. Because of this, you will find a huge range of educational videos, news updates, tutorials, and discussions about the general cryptocurrency industry and current events.

You are free to search for the content you want, or you can take advantage of TokenTuber’s tag system to find videos of a particular type, such as those that discuss altcoins, trading, technical analysis, cryptocurrency mining and more. This content is largely contributed by individual creators, but several popular crypto firms also put out regular videos on the platform.

Besides hosting a huge range of user-submitted videos, TokenTuber also offers a free beginner video filled with curated videos that cover the basics of storing and using cryptocurrencies and break down everything you need to get your start in the industry. Just like with NewsCrypto and Ledger Live, these resources are provided at no cost, making them accessible to anybody.

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