As seen in the app’s code, this is Spotify’s ‘Car Thing’ gadget.

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The in-car device was revealed in 2019, but its future as a product is uncertain.

Images of Spotify’s strange in-car gadget, colloquially known as the “Car Thing,” have been discovered concealed inside the Spotify iOS app’s code. The computer, which is believed to be a voice-controlled music and podcasting device, looks like a miniature infotainment screen, with a couple of tactile buttons and a colour monitor. However, the precise existence of Spotify’s Car Thing remains unknown.

Although the Car Thing was originally billed as a system intended to assist Spotify in further understanding users’ listening habits while on the move, the continuing production of the in-car gadget and its updated interface suggests there could be more.

Images of the computer discovered in the Spotify iOS app’s code by MacRumors contributor Steve Moser indicate that the Car Thing would resemble a car infotainment panel, with a big knob on the right of a colour screen and four actual buttons at the top. The latest photos compare to those sent by Spotify to the FCC.

The renders also display numerous choices for mounting the Car Thing to your dashboard or windshield – there seem to be air vent mounts and a glass suction mount. This means that the Car Thing should fit for a wide range of automobiles, both modern and old.

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It’s worth mentioning, though, that the Car Thing was not mentioned at Spotify’s February case, and we have no formal name for the app, let alone any hint of when the Car Thing would be available for purchase. This more recent renders do indicate that the product might have a future, but what that future looks like remains to be seen.

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