Best ways to entertain yourself online when you’re in quarantine

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The coronavirus (Covid-19) has injected difficulty and anxiety into millions of lives seemingly overnight. Firstly there is the ever-present risk of catching the deadly virus anytime one ventures outside. Second, the measures people must take to prevent infection can be overwhelming and stressful. For the most part, this means isolating ourselves from our friends and family members. It also means staying home as much as possible and venturing out only for essential items like food and medicine. All of this alone time can have a negative impact on our psyches. Isolation is never good and even worse is isolating for extended periods. This is especially concerning since there is as yet no indication that the pandemic is slowing down. In the meantime, we must keep ourselves as occupied as possible. Here are the best ways to entertain ourselves in quarantine.

Learn a language – If you are one of those people intent on bettering yourself, there is no better upgrade than learning to speak a new language. Not only does mastering a new language open doors for you professionally, but doing so also makes getting around much easier when you don’t have to keep consulting a foreign language book.

Pick up a hobby – One of the most fulfilling uses of our time is time devoted to learning a new hobby. Whether it’s learning to play a musical instrument, learning to draw or even collecting items such as stamps and coins, hobbies can give us hours of fun that are also fulfilling. Can’t afford to buy a musical instrument or paint for your new hobby? No worries. Some hobbies require little or no money to get started. All that is required is your interest and dedication.

Online gaming – Games aren’t new to the internet, but now in the time of quarantine, online gaming as a way of passing the time has become indispensable. Not only is it entertaining, but playing online gaming at can help us improve mental acuity and our ability to strategize. With thousands of games available at, you are bound to find something that holds your interest.

Start a journal – The idea of starting a journal may bring back images of one’s teenage years where writing in one’s journal was the best way to record one’s thoughts, feelings and desires. However, writing in a journal is not only for children. It’s also an activity in which many adults can find fulfillment. Journals help you to keep your thoughts organized, help boost your creativity and help you set and maintain goals. However, especially important for this period, writing in a journal can help you relieve pent-up anxiety brought about by the stresses of Covid-19’s spread.

Considering the toll that isolation and stress can place on us, it is ever more important to not allow our thoughts to wander into dark areas. This is why it is necessary for everyone affected by the coronavirus to keep ourselves busy and entertained during this period. We have to make sure that at the end of this we re both physically and mentally well.

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