Binance Coin now accessible to Hong Kong and Taiwan users

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The Genesis Block and Binance joined hands through Genesis Block’s subsidiary CoinHere. The objective of the collaboration is to provide more accessibility to BNB cryptocurrency as CoinHere is currently the largest Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ATM operator in ASIA.

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Genesis Block + Binance + CoinHere

After the news, JP Morgans to Provide Banking services to Coinbase and Gemini here’s another huge collaboration on the surface, Genesis Block, a leading OTC trading centre of digital assets in Hong Kong has announced its collaboration with Binance.

The main objective would be to make BNB coin more accessible across the CoinHere ATM network across Hong Kong and Taiwan. Users can buy and sell their digital assets quickly and easily.

The minimum buy will be HK$ 500 (the US $64.50) in 30 ATM’s in the region bringing BNB into the mainstream.

The ATM’s will deliver BNB and other Cryptocurrencies in BEP2 format. BEP2 is a predefined token management set of rules that are implemented to launch on-chain assets of Binance Chain.

Recently South Korea also Installed 13000 ATMs to allow Fiat withdrawal against  Litecoin(LTC)

The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhoa also tweeted about the collaboration and expressed his desire to use the ATM and also asked for constructive ideas if any.

CoinHere ATM

CoinHere, a subsidiary of Genesis Block is the largest 24/7 ATM network in Asia. CoinHere has partnered with Genesis Block strategically on technology development to provide quality services to the customers.

Currently, CoinHere supports buying and selling for BTC, ETH and BCH with many more coming in future. They also provide consultation for the merchants who want to adopt digital asset payment methods in their store.

A merchant can consult the CoinHere team for a detailed analysis of the advantages of accepting digital assets like,

  • Low transaction cost
  • Marketing promotion
  • Bring traffic to outlets

CoinHere also offers to co-host events with crypto-friendly merchants to promote more cryptocurrency adoption among the customers as well as the merchants.

Concluding Note

The mission is to fuel the mass adoption of digital assets in everyday lives by providing financial freedom.

CoinHere is reportedly the largest Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ATM operator in Asia and Binance, the largest exchange in the world( in trade volume), the joint venture is believed to have good benefits to traders and merchants.

Both companies want to bring cryptos to the mainstream and encourage growth in the market. Now it would be easier to access BNB in Asia.

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