Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Cardano: Analysts believe all of these altcoins has reached its heart.

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In the last few months, the cryptocurrency industry has seen a lot of bear and bull activity. While the aggregate ceiling has risen over $2 trillion, it is now seeing a setback. Bitcoin (and its forks) and altcoins have had a lot of uncertainty. This period is no exception.

However, BTC’s domination shed more light on altcoins such as ETH, XRP, ADA, LTC, and other trending altcoins. Credible Crypto, a famous analyst, has voiced his support for Bitcoin Cash, a fork of Bitcoin. He claimed that he saw ‘huge promise’ in the alternative.

At the time of publication, Bitcoin Cash was priced at $625 after registering a price reversal. Nonetheless, the dealer saw the recent ‘dip’ as an excellent chance for traders. According to his Twitter account:

“I still really like BCH as one of my top picks here overall. I do think that the bottom is in for it- I can’t really see us revisiting the 300’s again. Impulse invalidation is at $200- so this makes for an incredible R/R opp the lower we go. Looking for this for now.”

This wasn’t the first time he expressed his support for BCH. Recently one of his tweets stated:


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He also revealed his interest in yet another alt. He said:

“I’m more interested in HBAR as a hold and BCH as a trade.”

After Elon Musk’s call for sustainability, HBAR is an altcoin that has been trending. It was quite evident from its increased social volume, according to data from LunarCrush.

Source: LunarCrush


The analyst projected a rally of around $2 to $5 in another tweet. At the press time, HBAR traded at $0.248.

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