Bitcoin Cash price rises to $254

On 1st June, the Bitcoin Cash price line was observed moving upwards on the charts. The cryptocurrency saw a gradual uptrend across the $254 level.

Through most of the day, the BCHUSD pair traded near the $242 mark, while it had a day’s range of $237.41 — $254.12.

1-Day Bitcoin Cash price analysis (1st June)

Bitcoin Cash Price ChartBitcoin Cash Price Chart by Trading View

The coin began the trade month’s trade with a price near the $238 level. The price trajectory held below the $244 until after 21:00 GMT, after which the price line observed a sharper rise towards the $254 mark. At its highest, the BCHUSD trading pair approached the $254.12 mark, while it traded at $253.38 US Dollars at the time of writing.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) moved to a high of 78.36 at the time the BCHUSD stepped onto a sharper upward movement. This shows that Bitcoin Cash was mildly overbought at the time. The RSI was at 54.06 at the time of writing.

Bitcoin Cash trades below $267 resistance

Kyer is a TradingView analyst who believes that the cryptocurrency will continue to hold the $267 monthly resistance instead of falling below and dumping towards the $222 support level.

Bitcoin Cash Featured Price ChartBitcoin Cash Price Chart by Trading View

Bitcoin Cash hit the 1st sell target of $246.3 on 30th May. The cryptocurrency continues to trade above the sell target instead of dumping towards the $222 support level. The dump is also likely; however, the trading analyst says that BCH is currently waiting on entry, and it’s not too likely for the cryptocurrency to dump towards the $222 support level as of now.

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