‘Bitcoin fixes this classification’ gets given to the Bank of England and the UK Parliament.

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The Bank of England has recently taken further steps towards the implementation of a central bank digital currency.

One cryptocurrency consumer seems to be taking issue with the Bank of England’s (BoE) new monetary policy and voicing their displeasure with a laser projector.


Reported by Twitter user Dominic Frisby, an unknown person projected “Bitcoin fixes this” and other messages on the exterior walls of both the BoE and the Parliament of the United Kingdom on Saturday. The message appeared underneath Big Ben as well as the front of the central bank surrounded by a red box with the artist’s hallmark, and the photo has already been turned into a nonfungible token.

Since March 2020, many financial institutions around the world have failed to adapt in the face of constraints and economic instability brought about by the pandemic. Since then, the Bank of England has purchased billions of pounds in government bonds and corporate debt.

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It’s unclear why the anonymous Bitcoiner picked this specific moment to broadcast the post. The Bank of England recently posted seven work listings relating to a central bank digital currency, or CBDC, and will form a task force in partnership with parliament to research its rollout in the UK market. However, it seems that at least one citizen in the United Kingdom is unhappy with the course of monetary policy.


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