Bitcoin price to reach $15k upon Trump’s Martial Law announcement, Max Keiser

The long-awaited surging point for the Bitcoin community is finally here; the top cryptocurrency by market capitalization reaching the $10,000 price level. Many people, including Max Keiser, believe that the cryptocurrency will surge even further amid the protests in the United States.

Bitcoin price rises to $10,000

At exactly 23:28 UTC on Monday, the Bitcoin price surged to $10,429 on Bitstamp, a cryptocurrency exchange, before it gradually declined. At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency is trading at a value of $10,098. Probably, the price level of Bitcoin today was expected by its supporters, as it underwent halving.

Many Bitcoiners will probably attribute the increase in Bitcoin price as the positive effect of halving. However, others believe that the current developments in the United States, between the government and residents over the death of George Floyd, a black American, also played a part.

Coupled with the Coronavirus-injured US economy, the civil unrest across most of the prominent cities in the country is said to be underscoring Bitcoin as a haven. More so, the cryptocurrency has been touted as the way out.

Max Keiser predicts $15,000 Bitcoin price

Still, on the US-led Bitcoin price increase, the founder of Bitcoin Capital & Heisenberg Capital, Max Keiser, believes that the price of the cryptocurrency will surge even higher to $15,000. Keiser made the statement today, based on the speculations that Donald Trump, the US president, might impose martial law in the country.

Bitcoin ready to bust a move to $15,000 on Trump’s Martial Law in America announcement just now. YOUR ONLY WAY OUT, AMERICA Is Bitcoin.

If martial law is being declared in America, the specified region or state will be controlled by the military body. On a federal level, only the president has the power to impose martial law.

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