Bitcoin Whale Receives 11,660 BTC and Sends 10,660 BTC to Anonymous Wallet

A crypto whale received 111,259,669 USD in Bitcoin on Friday and then transferred the same amount to an unknown wallet. He paid a $0.45 fee for that

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Whale Alert has spotted two gargantuan Bitcoin transactions over the past twenty-four hours.

Curiously, they went through the same BTC address – a Bitcoin whale first received 11,660 BTC and then simply sent this mammoth-sized amount of money on to another wallet.

The fee he paid for sending these funds was less than half of a dollar.

Sending 10,660 BTC to anon wallet

On Friday, May 29, the owner of the BTC wallet 1Lox7GiFiMunSuTCFZxZrkDUX5H3VTiLeq received a staggering amount of crypto – 11,660 BTC (111,259,669 USD).

Image via Twitter, @whale_alertAround six hours ago, the same wallet transferred 10,660 BTC (99,840,840 USD) to a wallet with an unregistered owner. The fee to send this giant amount of funds was merely $0.45 (0.00004720 BTC).

However, the details of the blockchain transaction show that the whale sent on exactly the same amount of BTC – 11,660.

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‘Anyone with 100 BTC can be considered a whale’: Adam Back

The Blockstream CEO Adam Back has recently shared his take as to how much BTC a person needs to have on his balance to be proudly considered a ‘whale’.

As per Back, this amount is 100 Bitcoins, which totals $953,808.00 at the current BTC rate. However, Adam Back was talking about 100 BTC if they price was higher than $10,000.

This tiny nuance would make a holder of 100 BTC a $1 mln owner.

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