Bitcoin: What are the short term investment objectives?

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BTC: what are the goals for short-term investment

The analyst called two Fibonacci short-term investment targets for bitcoins. Since BTC does not plan to slow down its growth rate, this indicator is relevant for investment

Interest in investing in bitcoin is related to the active growth that cryptocurrency displayed in November-December. Having passed the 20,000 thresholds, Bitcoin doesn’t even dream about showing signs of slowing down. On Sunday, on the contrary, its price broke through the ceiling of 28 thousand dollars and is rising by leaps and bounds.

Interestingly, three more months. Nothing foreshadowed such an improvement in value back. BTC traded for just over $10,000. But it started to increase in October, and the price has risen by almost $9,000 over the last ten days.

All becomes even more fascinating and remarkable if we remember that, relative to the March price, the price of BTC coins has risen by 650 per cent and by 300 per cent since the beginning of the year.

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New highs can be expected by evaluating the events of recent weeks. The key priorities can be assumed to be 30 and 36 thousand dollars. Analyst and trader Alex Kruger is talking about this on his Twitter account.

It is based on the main numbers and the extension of Fibonacci, from which the next highs of $30,000 and $36,000 were obtained. Let’s see how the predictions are going to come true.

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