BitTorrent, DigiByte, Uniswap Price Movement Analysis for 22nd March, 2021

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BitTorrent has hit its 27 percent extension stage technical target, but it could fall down to $0.0028. For the last few hours, DigiByte has fluctuated between $0.068 and $0.072. After hitting the $31.7 amount of support, Uniswap made some substantial gains.

Uniswap [UNI]

Using the Fibonacci Retracement method, several stages of retracement were plotted as support for UNI’s pullback from $27.97 to $35. The 50% mark is $31.35, and UNI saw a decline roughly as far, but demand stepped in at $31.5.

Since then, UNI has flipped to support at $31.7, is trading above $33, and can retest it as support in the coming hours.

The RSI rose above neutral 50, suggesting that bullish momentum was gathering steam, and the Stochastic RSI was entering overbought territory.

BitTorrent [BTT]

Uniswap, BitTorrent, DigiByte Price Analysis: 22 March

Source: BTT/USDT on TradingView

Since consolidating under $0.00048 for some weeks, BTT soared to $0.002 in February. The 27 percent extension range from that surge provided a target of $0.0032 for BTT, which has been checked as resistance and could soon be flipped to help.

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The OBV revealed that the sale amount was bought back up after hitting $0.0032, suggesting the existence of any interest. However, even though the price established equivalent tops, BTT allowed lower highs on the hourly scale, indicating a pullback to $0.0029.

The $0.0028-$0.0032 range should be used as an entry point for long positions, with a stop-loss of less than $0.0026.

DigiByte [DGB]

Uniswap, BitTorrent, DigiByte Price Analysis: 22 March

Source: DGB/USDT on TradingView

The $0.0689 level of funding was checked as support twice. Around this time, the Amazing Oscillator, which had been in bearish territory, retreated back towards the zero axis, suggesting that bearish energy was decreasing in the short term.

The Chaikin Money Balance, on the other hand, continued to demonstrate nett capital flow out of the capital. The $0.068 and $0.072 amounts will be relevant in the coming hours. Climbing above resistance or breaking under support could cause DGB to travel farther in that direction.

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