Blockchain Reward Platform Mil.k Launches Coupon Payment Feature: Details

article imageOne of the leading Korean companies on the fast-expanding digital loyalty programs market, Mil.k, has released the unusual feature of coupon purchasing for MLK tokens

To facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrencies in everyday life, the Mil.k platform, which addresses the sphere of blockchain-based loyalty programs, has added coupon payment features to its toolkit.

Adoption increases token utility

Coupons of various companies will be available on the platform. Coupon payments will be accepted for various products, e.g. beverages, snacks, café lunches and even for world-famous Korean fried chicken.

According to a press release shared with U.Today, the Mil.k CEO Jayden Jo highlighted the importance of the implementation of a blockchain-based loyalty program for Mil.k partners:

Adding various coupons on the MiL.k platform means increased utility of Milk Coin (MLK) and further reward points of MiL.k’s partner companies, since their rewards are redeemed for Milk Coin

Every day, the coupons of two brands will be available on the Mil.k official website. The project team will replace the coupons on a rolling daily basis.

The prices will be set in fiat Korean Won (KRW) but denominated to Milk Coins (MLK). Users will be able to buy only one coupon per day with a 50% discount on the platform.

Blockchain technologies for loyalty programs

The Mil.k platform is highly focused on the diversity of the nature of offerings available with coupons from its website. Particularly, the company will be focused on the travel, lifestyle and leisure segments.

The Mil.k platform is pioneering the sphere of replacing traditional loyalty programs (miles, bonus points, stickers, etc.) with blockchain-based tokens. Milk Coin (MLK) is the native asset the system is built around.

The platform has already inked a partnership with top Korean online travel agency Yanolja. So, every Mil.k feature is now available to the 10M clients of this unicorn company.

Also, it should be noted that the Mil.k platform is built on the cutting-edge blockchain instrument Hyperledger Fabric and is fully compatible with all kinds of ERC-20 assets. Mil.k applications are available for both iOS- and Android-based smartphones.

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