Blockstream CEO Says He’s Not Satoshi Nakamoto After New Video Surfaces on Reddit

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Adam Back, co-founder and chief executive of blockchain technology Blockstream, denies rumors that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin creator.

Back, who is referenced in the Bitcoin whitepaper, has once again been linked to the anonymous Bitcoin inventor after a 40-minute video dubbed “Unmasking Satoshi Nakamoto” was circulated on Reddit. The original poster says the video offers “hard proof” that the cryptographer is Nakamoto based on coding proficiency, writing style, academic background and Back’s participation in the cypherpunks’ mailing list.

But the longtime cypherpunks member emphatically dismisses the notion.

“Some claim to be Satoshi, days google research, blogging stories, and in court, to widespread non-belief.

Seems I need the opposite: I am not Satoshi despite recent video / Reddit claiming so. Some factors and timing may look suspicious in hindsight; coincidence and facts are untidy.”

To further refute the connections made in the video, the Blockstream CEO is offering more details about his personal and professional background.

“Some of what they Google researched is true: I moved to Malta, an EU tax haven – in 2009.

Pure coincidence, though of course I did know about Bitcoin in 2008 via emails from Satoshi. I was born in London. I do use double-space and native spelling British: can code C++.”

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