Cardano: Alonzo, how far along are you?

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Don’t listen to the noise; instead, follow the facts,’ says Cardano’s Hoskinson to his audience these days.

Cardano, the third-generation blockchain currency, has been generating a lot of attention as a result of its recent accomplishments. It was recently in the headlines as it surpassed Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, to become the most-held cryptocurrency on eToro’s trading platform during the second quarter of the year. This was a significant milestone in the Smart Contract Era (Goguen phase), and together with other advances in the ecosystem, Cardano is gaining traction.

IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson recently updated the crypto-community on the project’s progress, with a specific focus on how the outlook for Alonzo is. According to the exec,

We’re continuing to make good progress with the rollout program and this week we’ve started onboarding new SPOs and developers to join Alonzo White.”

To elaborate, Alonzo is a forthcoming upgrade that will introduce smart contracts capability to Cardano. Alonzo is made up of multiple color-coded testnet phases, including Alonzo Blue (which went online on May 27), Alonzo White, and Alonzo Purple.

Having said that, Cardano’s scheduled roadmap did see a delay concerning the ‘1.2.8‘ node that incorporated validation fixes as discovered by a series of tests. “The next phase most likely will be out by Monday,” he added, post the successful implementation of the said node.

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Furthermore, Hoskinson said that the project requested the Alonzo Blue community testing team to nominate and bring new people into the programme (a mix of experienced SPOs and developers) in preparation for Alonzo White. “We have now invited and begun onboarding these new users,” he said.

What next following the incorporation of these new users though? IOHK tweeted,

“We’ll start to grow the Alonzo test program user base from c.50 SPOs/external developers to an initial 250 or so. This number will steadily scale to 500+ over the next few weeks.”

Furthermore, full integration of the updated versions of the middle-tier components (inc. Cardano wallet, db-sync, graphql, rosetta) and early limited-function versions of the Plutus backend are in line to be completed by the end of this month.

This video’s timing is undoubtedly interesting. As previously mentioned, Hoskinson became a target of Twitter criticism when year-old tweets outlining forecasts for the network’s adoption fell short of community expectations.

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Cardano, on the other hand, has travelled a considerable distance to contrast the aforementioned doubters’ views.

“Things are looking good, however, the discovery of standard bugs you’d expect to discover and integration issues you’d expect to be discovered along the way- working our way through them.”

Since its inception, Cardano has received massive traction over the years. Ranging from the NFT boom to the pioneer programs to the rapid pace of its staking statistics, there is a lot of bullishness around Cardano right now, with the same sentiment shared by IOHK’s CEO too.

“Smart contracts are almost here, Alonzo is coming, commercial activities are already coming, more on their way in the next 90 days. Cardano remains more stable and mature and systematic in cryptocurrency projects.”

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