Cardano: Hoskinson will make this a “high priority” in the future.

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The Cardano community welcomed the Goguen period a few weeks ago, and according to Charles Hoskinson, the project’s inventor, everything is still on track. In his most recent video, the IOHK CEO stated that work on Alonzo’s upgrade is “moving smoothly,” and that the community would be updated soon. With Alonzo on the horizon, it’s a critical time for the community, especially as it’ll add smart contract functionality to the Cardano ecosystem.

Furthermore, recent modifications, according to some, have strengthened the arguments of those who regard it as a viable alternative to Ethereum.

This was the expectation highlighted by the Foundation recently, with Hoskinson recently outlining the progress of Alonzo by commenting,

“Application backend integration is on schedule, the wallet backend integration is on schedule….. Now, we’re in the white era and right now we are mass onboarding people and pushing out the new node version 1.2.8, that coming soon.”

Source: Twitter

The Alonzo upgrade is being implemented in stages, starting with the launch. The team recently finished the blue era and is now moving on to the white era. Following these sub-stages of launch, the Cardano network will deploy its mainnet in September. However, as the deadline approaches, Hoskinson says that getting Cardano into the browser will be his top focus.

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The executive quickly cautioned that things would not be as simple as they appear. The CEO stated that Mithril, Cardano’s light client protocol, will offer full security for clients as well as quick bootstrapping – where certificates may be issued for each epic while allowing for concurrent validation of the epics.

While these capabilities can be implemented rather easily, Hoskinson believes that a new crypto-primitive is required. He stated that finding the same would be a top goal since it would help Cardano develop.

Hoskinson explained,

“Getting Cardano into the browser and making sure that that’s a great experience… getting Cardano on cell phone and tap ecosystem on the cell phone is a high priority. As we march towards Goguen, it’s very important that we also have a strategy to make sure that light client experience gets where it needs to go.”

While the path to the Alonzo hard fork appears to be on track, ADA’s recent price performance has been disappointing, especially when compared to its ATHs earlier this year. Only time will tell whether these ecosystem-centric advancements will drive another price spike on the charts, with the coin positioned sixth on CMC’s charts with a market valuation of $36.28 billion at press time.

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