Cardano takes another step toward Alonzo with the launch of its first testnet.

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Despite the fact that the larger cryptocurrency market was correcting at the time of publication, it has been an exciting moment for Cardano and its native token, ADA. Exciting not just because of the bullishness of ADA’s price performance, but also because the network recently underwent the long-awaited Mary hard fork.

Cardano is back in the headlines today, because to the excitement over the forthcoming Alonzo hard fork, which was just repeated by IOHK’s Charles Hoskinson. During a video update, Cardano’s Founder stated that Alonzo will let developers to finally write smart contracts on Cardano.

In reality, all of these advancements have been in accordance with Cardano’s bigger strategy. Shelley, the stage before it, was a crucial milestone for Cardano. Now, Goguen, Smart Contract deployment would be Cardano’s most important advancement to yet.

Cardano is ready for Alonzo

Input Output HK, the studio behind the Cardano blockchain, reported today the successful deployment of the first testnet in its Alonzo roll-out, only days after the executive revealed further details on what to expect from Alonzo.

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IOHK tweeted,


What’s more, IOHK also published the Alonzo Rollout plan, with the same expanding on what to expect from the initial phase in June to its full deployment in September 2021.

Here, it’s interesting to note that in order to increase transparency, a series of color-coded testnets have been assigned to each stage. An in-depth conversation regarding each stage was the topic of discussion during the latest episode of Cardano360.

Here’s the plan (step by step) with the timelines mentioned above,

  • Alonzo Blue: As mentioned in the aforementioned tweet, ‘IOG successfully spun up the first testnet.’ This first phase will be conducted with a pioneer task force, initial partners, and a spin-up with core stakepool operators. It will check for basic network functionalities as well as the initial distribution of ADA to stakepool operators.
  • Alonzo White: The second stage will have more partners involved. Also, demo dApps, integration with WBE and PAB, benchmarks, and more participation from around 500 community members, pioneers, stakepool operators (SPO). In addition, Alonzo White will incorporate the first exchanges integrated with the Rosetta framework, a mechanism created by Coinbase to facilitate adding tokens to these platforms.
  • Alonzo Purple: With this integral stage, the testnet will be fully public with all Pioneers onboarded with the partners’ dApps. Daedalus Flight and Explorer will be tested alongside the stability of the platform.
  • Before the ultimate launch, it’ll incorporate two small stages – Alonzo red and black. Following the same, it’ll be prepared for the HFC event in the closing month of Q3 2021.
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Understandably, many expect the latest developments to have a corresponding effect on the altcoin’s price. At the press time, ADA was trading at the $1.55-price level, having noted corrections of around 8.5% in 24 hours.

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