Cardano’s Hoskinson: May is an important month for us.

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Cardano’s last few months have been filled with updates, improvements, enablements, and implementations. They seem to be on board with regard to their roadmap. It has checked off a slew of boxes and taken technological strides.

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, in his latest podcast spilled the beans on what Cardano intended to do in the coming days. He exclaimed,

“May is a big month for us. We passed a huge amount of internal testing.”

Currently, more than 1500 people are getting trained by Plutus’ pioneers to deploy code on the testnet. Hoskinson said,

“The integration of Plutus is going very well with the node… The teams are working well. We are where we need to be.”

A presentation on Mithril and the latest hydra prototype is scheduled for the end of this month. Cardano’s light client protocol is Mithril, and Hoskinson said that it is a “high priority” for him. Light clients usually progress to complete nodes. Hoskinson went on to say,

“You could have a federated data feed from the state pool operators, or you can have a central server, or you can evolve crypto a little bit and use much more sophisticated cryptographic primitives.”

The IOHK CEO also highlighted a $1.5 million spending increase to ramp up the Omega team’s prototyping. The key goal of the Omega edition, according to the roadmap, is to reach a rate of 1,000 transfers per second. This will build a scalable environment on the network while still protecting it from 51% attacks. Hoskinson yelled,

“We are right now leading in the PoS world. I think we are the most evolved of all the PoS protocols.”

Hoskinson also revealed that Cardano would increase their study commitments. They want to spend about $9 million in the near future to construct advanced laboratories.

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