Coinbase Assets Now More Than $90B

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Bitcoin’s rising price sparked a major capital raise last year—up to $90 billion. In addition to increasing resources, the number of registered users has also grown, of which more than 43 million are on the web.

This detail is posted in the “About Us” section of the Exchange website. Data was obtained as the results for 2020 were summarized. They are accurate as of 31 December.

Coinbase Custody controls half of the $90 billion. The exchange has carried out trades of more than $1 billion. It is also not shocking that such an organisation is about to be made public.

Brian Foster of Coinbase Institutional said the paper had been written for informational purposes. Involved individuals would be able to get acquainted with the crypto assets exchanged on the market and determine how companies (e.g. MicroStrategy, Ruffer Investment) collaborate with Coinbase.


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