Coinbase has finally given a timetable for listing Dogecoin.

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Coinbase has published transcripts of its Q1 Earnings Call since its direct listing. During the call, the organisation discussed its plans to list Dogecoin (DOGE) due to its increasing demand.

Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, discussed the exchange’s preparations for the memecoin. He said, ”

“So, to answer your question directly, we plan to list DOGE in the next six to eight weeks. And then more broadly, we’re going to be focused on how we can accelerate asset addition in the future.”

In response to questions about what criteria were used to qualify different coins or tokens for inclusion in the exchange, and why there weren’t more options? According to Armstrong:

I think there’s going to be millions of different crypto assets out there, especially as we see new assets being created for new companies being created and there’s even NFT’s and individuals who are tokenizing their time and so in a world where there’s going to be millions and millions of these crypto assets out there, we get this question a lot, how are you deciding, which ones to add, and how can you accelerate it?

Without expressly mentioning XRP, the crypto asset embroiled in a legal dispute with the SEC, Coinbase CEO also confirmed that Coinbase had collaborated with CRC to develop a regulatory system for coins. He continued, saying:

So, today, we use a number of factors, we look at cybersecurity around the coin to make sure that there’s not going to be an issue that would cause customer loss. We also look at it from a legal point of view and a compliance point of view. There’s various concerns out there about securities, for instance, and we’ve worked with things like the Crypto Rating Council to help create clear regulatory frameworks for this.

Data from ICO Analytics stated that the total web traffic for crypto exchanges had increased by 43% over the past month.

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