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I lobbed this service in with the other microwallets as it allows for micro-transactions internally. but, you should see this service more as the Paypal of cryptocurrency. Their fees to actually send and buy cryptocurrency are pretty high. With options to directly buy a variety of coins using fiat. with a bonus for first time buyers, if you buy at least $100,- worth, they do pretty well.
A huge minus is that you need to be fully verified, using your actual credentials and proof it via a copy of some sort of identification, depending on your location.
However, security wise, if you don’t want to hold full responsibility for your private keys, this probably is one of the best options to keep your crypto’s.
Just remember that if you don’t have your private key(s), you don’t actually own the coins.


Register here.

To be honest there are too many options as coinbase is not really a microwallet. it just allows for internal microtransactions, using your registered email address for withdrawal address.

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