Coinbase’s Web traffic surges 64% month-over-month as exchanges see 158.8 million visits in November

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Crypto exchanges received nearly 159 million Web visits in November, according to data from SimilarWeb, with Binance and Coinbase scoring significant month-over-month gains.

According to the data, Binance saw 44.74 million visits in November, compared to 31.46 in October — a 42.2% gain.

Coinbase drew in some 37.48 million visits in November, a 64% gain compared to October’s 22.86 million, per SimilarWeb.

Crypto exchanges such as Kraken, Upbit, BitFlyer and Bitstamp saw increases whereas others, such as OKEx and BitMEX, saw declines. OKEx’s decline is perhaps expected given that it moved to suspend user funds withdrawals in mid-October and resumed them on November 27.

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