Collection of Virtual Crypto Artwork Just Sold for $777,777

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A non-fungible token (NFT) representing artwork by the digital artist Beeple has fetched $777,777 at an auction after an investor made a last-second bid.

NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway facilitated the event that witnessed investors Tim Kang and another psuedonymous bidder named Metakovan locked in a bidding war for Beeple’s single collection of digital art.

Metkovan pushed the price to as high as $380,000 before Kang, who also goes by the name illestrater, made a last-second bid to the tune of $777,777.

Dubbed as The Complete MF Collection, the NFT-based artwork is a series of images inspired by nature, technology and Star Wars.

The Complete MF Collection comes with a physical token that features a signed and numbered titanium backplate containing hidden markers to prove authenticity. The NFT is also packaged with a certificate of ownership, cleaning cloth, as well as an authentic Beeple hair sample.

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Beeple says that while the winning bidder can sell the physical token and the NFT separately, he doesn’t recommend it.

“Ok so after I ship you the physical token I obviously can’t stop you from splitting up the physical token and NFT but I can assure [you] it will make both of them less valuable.

They are meant to augment each other and to me, it’s like cutting a baseball card in half and trying to sell the pieces. Nobody can stop you from doing it, but it kinda makes both pieces worthless.”

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