County Commissioner: I want Miami District 8 county to be one of the most crypto-forward cities in the United States.

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“I want Miami District 8 county to be one of the most crypto-forward and technology-driven cities in the US,” Commissioner Danielle Cohen Higgins said in a recent ‘Thinking Crypto’ youtube interview. Her goal of branding the city as the country’s premier crypto-hub is similar to that of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez.


Danielle Cohen Higgins, county commissioner for District 8 (South Dade), recently sent a resolution to the Infrastructure, Operations, and Innovations Committee. The resolution in question calls for the formation of a cryptocurrency task force. Once authorised, this task force would consist of 13 participants who have a thorough understanding of cryptocurrencies. One of the task force’s primary responsibilities will be to investigate the viability of encouraging people to pay for county taxes, fees, and utilities using crypto currency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. She said:

“The item would establish a task force that could delve into the feasibility of using cryptocurrency in Miami-Dade County, to explore any potential benefits and pitfalls that could result from its use. It is important to explore all avenues that can support an expanding tech and startup presence to benefit our economy.”

During the interview, Commissioner Danielle Cohen Higgins even shared her optimism with regard to the future of cryptocurrencies. She stated:

“Crypto I think has tremendous social implications and opportunities and access point that we even haven’t begun to look into. Blockchain, Cryptos, NFTs are the future whether you’re ready for it or not.”

Furthermore, she added:

“Government needs to be more proactive than reactive.”

Having said that, this was not the first attempt to create a crypto group in the United States. Ohio, too, implemented a Bitcoin payment scheme for corporate tax payments in 2018. However, owing to a shortage of users, the device was suspended in 2019.. Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague wrote:

“Given the fact that virtually no one used the service and that it may have been implemented unlawfully, it’s quite likely that we might never see it return. I doubt anyone will care.”

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has also been outspoken about the issue. Not long ago, Francis Suarez said that he was “definitely open to exploring” Anthony Pompliano’s idea of allocating “1% of the city’s treasury reserves in Bitcoin.”

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