Cristiano Ronaldo given 770 crypto tokens for each soccerr goal he scored.

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The Juventus player received 770 JUV fan tokens, one for each senior career goal scored.

Cristiano Ronaldo became the first soccer player to be paid in cryptocurrencies for his career accomplishments after receiving 770 JUV tokens — one for each senior career goal scored, according to Spanish outlet Marca.


JUV is the official Juventus fan token, which the Italian football club released in 2019 on the Chiliz (CHZ) blockchain in partnership with the website. Fan tokens enable club members to vote on club decisions while also providing access to different rewards, tournaments, and prizes.

The 770 JUV tokens awarded to Ronaldo prior to Sunday’s league match against Benevento are worth approximately $11,750 at the present token price of $15.26. When it first introduced, the JUV token was priced at $2.

Although the former Manchester United and Real Madrid hero is unlikely to need the money anytime soon, the incident marks the first time cryptocurrency has been awarded to a football player as an incentive for professional accomplishments. Because of the growing link between sports and cryptocurrencies, many clubs have been experimenting with the concept of paying players completely or partially in cryptocurrency for some time now.

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Since the Chiliz blockchain’s inception, dozens of soccer clubs have released fan tokens, including some of the world’s largest teams from the world’s biggest leagues, such as Manchester City, F.C. Barcelona, and Paris St. Germain.

The value of Chiliz’s native token, CHZ, has risen in response to the recent burst of action initiated by numerous soccer teams. CHZ’s dollar valuation has grown by over 2,500% since January 1, while its market cap has risen from $100 million to $4.5 billion since slipping down to the $3.2 billion level.

Given Barcelona’s own issuance of a fan token (BAR), could Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo’s long-term opponent, be in line for his own crypto incentives any time soon? Despite being two years younger, the Argentine superstar has only scored 734 senior goals to Ronaldo’s 770.


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