Crypto Traders Searching for Trove of Bitcoin (BTC) Hidden in Elaborate Music Puzzle

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Crypto traders are searching for the key to unlock a batch of Bitcoin (BTC) hiding inside a newly released digital album.

The album is called Bifurcations by the artist LogicBeach. A post about the album and its Bitcoin secret hit the front page of the Bitcoin subreddit on Monday, soon after it was released on Bandcamp.

The album features 10 trippy tracks containing “lofi synth-glitch digital and tape recordings mixed together”. According to LogicBeach, somewhere in the album is the seed that will unlock 0.05 BTC, worth about $455 at time of publishing.

“There is a bitcoin seed worked into this album. If you can find the seed and sweep the keys the BTC is yours!”

LogicBeach has posted the Bitcoin address to give people a way to verity the amount that’s up for grabs. Although the seed has yet to be uncovered, crypto traders have found a number of clues. One of them can be found by viewing the album on YouTube.

“Youtube’s compression broke part of the puzzle. The word that appears on the robot’s left eye at 24:08 is ‘tree’…

You are looking for 12 words in the bip-39 format which could be imported into Electrum or Exodus, for example.”

Crypto sleuths don’t have a lot of time to crack the code. According to LogicBeach, if no one finds the solution by May 21st, the contest will end and the code will be revealed.

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