Decode messages embedded in Nvidia’s GTC keynote to win an RTX 3090.

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Which is more difficult: finding a GPU in stock or deciphering Morse code?

Nvidia has announced a treasure hunt, with new GeForce GPUs as the top draw. To win, you must scour Nvidia’s GTC 2021 trailers for hints or be the first to break codes embedded in the GTC livestream. Best wishes!


On April 12, Nvidia’s head chef Jensen Huang will livestream the Graphics Technology Conference (GTC) from his kitchen.

He took an A100 out of the oven last year. Who knows what he’ll put in the microwave this year. It’s unlikely to be modern gaming technology, although it doesn’t mean the livestream won’t have anything for players as well.

Nvidia’s GTC Twitter account shared a 30-second video of a softly spinning chandelier with the caption, “Discover what comes next. “The apparent simplicity of the video prompted further investigation, leading some to discover that the light bulbs flickering contained a message in Morse code. Decoded, the message reads “hidden treasure hidden treasure.”

Not long afterward, a secret page was discovered. The body of the page reads:

On Monday, April 12 (8:30 a.m. Pacific), the NVIDIA GTC keynote will go live and we thought we’d have a little bit of fun by adding a few ‘Easter eggs.’ These are clues & hidden treasures for those with eagle eyes to discover.

Watch closely, and if you see anything out of the ordinary let us know! There may be rewards waiting…

To participate: Tweet the hidden treasures you find (and the timestamp where you found them in the keynote) to @NVIDIAGTC and use the hashtag #GTCTreasure.

We’ll be watching for your answers and will award a few coveted items (like a GeForce RTX 3090!) to a selection of winners who find at least one of our top hidden treasures.

Look again at the visual that brought some of you here in the first place. You may find more hidden treasure…

Good luck, and most importantly, have fun.

The prizes are revealed in the rules section. The first prize, chosen by a “random drawing of eligible entries that are the first to post accurate descriptions of each unique hidden treasure,” is an RTX A6000 if the winner is from the US, or an RTX 3090 is the winner is from the UK or the European Union. Other regions can’t participate.

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The remaining twenty-three winners will be drawn at random from a pool of timely tweets that have at least one accurate definition of a hidden gem. The second, third, and fourth awards are all RTX 3090s, regardless of where the winner lives. There are also twenty consolation prizes with an Nvidia Shield TV and an Nvidia scientific ruler to be won.

If you want to get a head start on the treasure hunt, head over to Twitter and trawl through Nvidia’s clips for clues. Only one has been discovered so far, and there’s allegedly multiple. And of course, set a reminder for the GTC keynote for April 12 at 8.30am PT (11.30am ET, 3.30pm GMT).

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