First Global Trust has announced a $2.15 million investment in an Asian digital payments provider.

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The funds will be used to construct debit and credit card payment rails in Asia.

First Digital Trust, a digital asset custodian, has obtained financing to introduce crypto asset payment processing and updates to the Asia Pacific region.

The Hong Kong-headquartered company has raised $2.15 million in a convertible note funding round led by private investors including Asian venture studio Nogle. The total funding for the firm is now over $5.2 million according to Crunchbase which reported two prior funding rounds.

The financing, according to the firm, would enable it to offer the first debit and credit card train, enabling its digital assert clients to accept card payments seamlessly. Businesses would be able to receive digital assets for transactions of over 100 currencies using a basic widget, with instant settlement, custody, and compliance.

FDT is Asia’s first certified custodian and trustee capable of holding both traditional and digital assets.

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According to Vincent Chok, CEO of First Digital Trust, several companies have failed as a result of the high-level minimum stipulation.

tandards and financial pressures associated with combining credit and debit services with digital properties.

“Our mission is to open the gateway for open banking in Asia through regulated and compliant payment solutions.”

According to the announcement, businesses such as MasterCard, PayPal, and Coinbase have spearheaded digital asset custody and open banking technology improvements in the West, while in the East, fintech firms have been compelled to leap through a number of regulatory hurdles, negotiate expensive individual deals with financial providers, or develop their own infrastructure.

About the fact that Asia has more blockchain trading and digital activity than the United States and Europe combined. According to Cointelegraph, the field accounts for almost half of global crypto trade, as of late January.

This year’s third round of funding follows the incorporation of Fireblocks, a leading enterprise-grade network that provides a stable digital asset management infrastructure. Fireblocks received a $133 million funding round led by America’s oldest bank, BNY Mellon, on March 18.

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Token issuers, payments processors, crypto exchanges, fund managers, banks, and traders in the Asia Pacific region will have access to FDT’s instant settlement technology, authentication and payment rail infrastructure, and enforcement technology.

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