GBTC discount has reached an all-time high, so which direction is Bitcoin’s price heading?

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Throughout March, Grayscale Bitcoin fund goods exchanged at average discounts between 4.66 percent and 4.34 percent relative to NAV (nett asset value). This comes as Bitcoin’s price has fallen by more than 8% in the last 24 hours.

Grayscale’s latest formation of five new trusts for altcoins such as BAT, Connect, MANA, FIL, and LPT comes at a time when the institution has dabbled in legitimate ETF goods, despite taking a step back from unveiling new creations for the flagship Grayscale Bitcoin trust.

Many investors can shortly desert GBTC and Grayscale’s ETF offerings. With the advent of more Bitcoin ETFs, there is a potential to benefit from shorting GBTC and going long on Bitcoin. ETFs are planned to have a zero NAV premium, meaning that the role was supposed to be traded with Bitcoin for the ETF. That is when the current liquidation of BTC longs and growing shorts on Deribit and FTX will cease, allowing Bitcoin to rebound in price.

There are many factors driving current market activity, and retail traders should expect a correction to the $45000 level this week, such as institutional flow, which has slowed while overall AUM has risen to $58.7 billion. Since February 2021, average weekly asset inflows across all major cryptocurrencies have declined by 70.5 percent to $149.6 million.

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Grayscale’s Bitcoin Confidence product has the largest cumulative AUM in the market. However, the premium to NAV of GBTC has been steadily declining. It is now at a negative 14%. Grayscale’s Bitcoin shares have plateaued since the beginning of February 2021.

From the same time last year, GBTC’s trading rate has decreased by 22% to a daily average of $525 million. As opposed to Bitcoin trading rate, which has risen by 47 percent in the last 24 hours, this may be retail traders exchanging BTC for DeFi and altcoins on exchanges following the shift in the HODLing trend.

Despite the fact that prices have been declining since January, the rally of alts and DeFi tokens has resulted in a steady inflow of funds from Bitcoin to DeFi through WBTC. There is competition from alternative investment offerings, and Grayscale has invested in top-performing altcoins, increasing the stakes.

Despite the fact that the aim Bitcoin ETF reached $1 billion in AUM on March 19, 21, nearly a week has passed and the price has fallen 11.89 percent. Retail traders should expect a decline in price to $45000 if the discount on GBTC begins to increase, and a further drop in price over the weekend is likely.

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