Global Crypto Awards 2020

Source: Global Crypto Awards 2020

Starting this year, the GLOBAL CRYPTO AWARDS seeks to highlight the incredible achievements of Crypto and Blockchain Companies, Individuals, Groups and other associated Businesses which changed the lives of Billions through borderless transactions, bringing technology to the remotest place on the planet to make some difference and helping create an intermediary free lives, Empowering those who are even deprived of getting local governmental support. The aim of the awards is to:

Encourage individuals, organizations, groups, businesses, and communities to continuously create better solutions to change the way world functions through Decentralisation and Blockchain technology.

Recognize as role models the significant contribution individuals, businesses, organizations, and communities are making across Globe.

Acknowledge the hard work that individuals, businesses, organizations, and communities are putting.

Reward the valuable contributions that individuals, businesses, organizations, and communities are making throughout Globe.  Amid COVID 19 health emergency, social distancing is the key to survival and that is the reason The very first edition of Global Crypto Awards is going to be 100% online affair.

All the participants will be given an online platform to Exhibit and Nominate their selves for different Award categories. Winner will be decided by Jury Members and Public Voting. Whosoever wants to self-Nominate for the Award show will be welcomed and they will be given a platform to Exhibit their product or services, Voters and Jury members will look into the Merit of product and services based on certain parameters decide their vote.
There are mainly 5 categories for nominations which is divided into different subcategories:

  • Top Awards
  • Best in ICO Category
  • Best in Blockchain
  • Best in Dapp
  • Best in Social Media

Kindly visit here to know more about Nomination categories, Exhibition details, and Participation fees. You may also write to here for any query related to Nomination, Sponsorship or Partnership. Awards will be announced on 25th December 2020.

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