Good reasons Bitcoin cannot be compared with gold

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Macro movements have played an important part over the past few weeks. With U.S. Treasury Bonds facing an increase in yields, any assets in the charts have traditionally been identified to register a dump. The same thing has happened with Bitcoin in the past.

In our previous post, we described how the increasing 30Y bond-yield could stop BTC’s current growth, but over the last few days, the narrative could be moving in a different direction, regardless of the bond yields.

10-Year Bond Yield; Surviving a storm?According to Ecoinometrics, this is how common stocks and commodities responded over the past week to an 8.33% rise in 10-year yield. Growth stocks under SP500 reported a-1.2 per cent drop, NASDAQ i.e. strong tech/growth stock was down by 1.87 per cent and Gold was down by more than 4 per cent at one point.

Although recovery is currently ongoing, Bitcoin has been up since re-tracing near the end of February, holding to more than 10% growth alongside the 10Y yield boost.

In reality, Bitcoin was also experiencing a substantial decline in NASDAQ correlation, showing a strong resistance to increasing yields. The digital asset continues to sustain higher consolidation, and its divergence from yields may be due to its changing characteristics, and investors may be attracted for a variety of reasons.

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Right now, there are a few things that are going right for Bitcoin, and they are solely dependent on the acceptance parameter as indicated in our previous post, and highly enticing to various buyers. According to Ecoinometrics, they can be categorically separated into players who are hodlers and organisations. Now the hodlers have been in the market for a long time, and they’re competing in terms of bitcoin being asymmetric.

Institutional players, however, are coming in with a view to keeping as a store of value, which they will enjoy in the long run, reflecting its role in the allocation of positions in their various portfolios. However, if the bottom chart is noted, the association between BTC and Bond Yield shows that the institution’s investment in BTC is not as high as Gold at the moment.

Source: Ecoinometrics

Gold is inversely linked to increasing yields, and it’s because it’s generally attempting to compete as a buffer against a market collapse, but at the moment U.S. yield raises are rejecting the story. Considering that Bitcoin was in a position to replace Gold now, there would still have been a negative return on the commodity.

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Bitcoin isn’t Gold yet, and that’s more of a blessing than a concern at the moment.

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