GTA V is free on the Epic Games Store today

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Grab the best-selling game of the decade for nothing

What just happened? The Epic Games Store has given away some great titles since it launched in December 2018, but its next freebie is something extra special. One of the best games ever made, and still incredibly popular five years after its PC release, you’ll be able to grab GTA V for free today.

You might think there are few people in the world who don’t own Grand Theft Auto V, yet it continually appears in Steam’s best-sellers chart—especially during sale events.

According to the list of best-selling games of all time, GTA V sits in the number two spot with 120 million units sold. Only Minecraft’s 176 million sales can better it. Rockstar’s title was also the best-selling game of the decade, beating Call of Duty: Black Ops, and in 2018, the roughly $6 billion it had generated made it the most profitable media product of all time, beating the likes of Star Wars and Gone with the Wind.

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There were rumors that GTA V would be the next giveaway on Epic’s store, and the company confirmed it on Twitter. Prematurely, it seems, as the tweet was deleted, but it had already been screengrabbed by eagle-eyed users.

GTA V had been part of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, but it was only available on the service for a few months.

Providing you’ve got an Epic Games Store account, you’ll be able to download GTA V from 8AM PT/11 AM ET today until May 21. Be warned: you’ll lose much of your life to the multiplayer mode and messing around with mods.

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