Have you purchased the Cardano dip? Is it necessary for ADA to have a great entry price?

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On the 18th of April, a solid corrective cycle temporarily stopped the latest bullish surge in cryptocurrencies. Except for Dogecoin, Bitcoin dropped around 7%. Cardano fell as much as 25% at one point, to $1.07, but recovered strongly by the time this article was published.

Several commentators and observers proposed that the pullback might be another opportunity to ‘buy the fall.’ ADA’s map still illustrated a specific buy range, but the window of opportunity may have closed. But, in the long run, does it make a difference?

Cardano: A buy-zone long gone or available?

Since Cardano first crossed $1.48 on the indexes, a possible correction was still being discussed. The commodity had soared through February, but it has mostly stuck between the top and $1 over the past few months. Between $1.15 and $1.21, a heavy convergence (highlighted) can be seen. The coin entered this range yesterday, but the market retraced beyond it within 12 hours.


Source: intotheblock

According to intotheblock, Price support is also important across the purchase scale. 3.88 billion ADA was spent on 198k addresses between $1.12 and $1.20, with the average amount being $1.16. These figures defined the entry’s power, but in the long run, investments off by 20-30 cents do not matter as long as you’re in the market.

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ADA’s token registry update: What’s the catch?

As previously noted, the Cardano Foundation recently announced an upgrade to its token registry that will enable the blockchain to keep track of newly minted tokens. As the transition has been deemed significant and a step towards a decentralised network, it is also significant for another future sector.

IOHK creator Charles Hoskinson teased an NFT marketplace launch on the website in the future back in March. The Cardano token registry bridges a significant gap in that mechanism. The register would store on-chain identifiers, allowing users to quickly locate tokens and effectively improving dApp and NFT use on the ADA network.

Is the alt still dependant on Bitcoin?

While Cardano should hit $2 before the end of Q2, it may happen sooner or later depending on Bitcoin’s stance in the market. Skew recently reported that the top 10 cryptocurrencies have gradually decreased their correlation in 2021, and while that does benefit long-term impact, a massive price move for Bitcoin will continue to address and trigger changes.

Source: Coinmetrics

However, during the latest bullish run, Bitcoin and Cardano have shown a strong association, increasing the possibility that ADA’s pattern would be determined by Bitcoin, but only in the short term. Regardless of the price turn, the commodity will hit $2 in the long run because the dynamics are solid enough to sustain the rally.

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