Here is the variable that is controlling the prices of XRP and YFI.

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Altcoins such as FIL have been promising HODLers and retail traders 10x returns. Indeed, many alts are making a comeback, thanks in part to increased focus by big HODLers and increased liquidity. For a long time, Bitcoin’s rangebound pricing activity below $60,000 led to the market’s alt rally.

Bitcoin’s market activity may quickly follow the pattern into the weekend, causing altcoins to rebound, with the crypto less than 4% away from its ATH at press time. Though several observers argue that Bitcoin is no longer a buy, on-chain research from CoinMarketCap reveals that many altcoins with double-digit returns are currently being accumulated by major HODLers.

Furthermore, the market behaviour of BTC has sparked a bullish trend in top altcoins such as YFI, XRP, DOT, and ADA. YFI’s price, for example, was 33% below its ATH, placing the alt deep inside its buy zone. YFI’s rank has now fallen to 76th on CoinMarketCap’s ranking, but the token’s price is predicted to increase again. Concentration by big HODLers is pushing up prices, as it has in the past.

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YFI actually has an 89 percent accumulation by broad HODLers. About 75% of the same HODLers have kept YFI for less than a year. Despite this composition, 68 percent of HODLers were profitable at the press time price stage, despite traders’ favourable sentiment. Big HODLers are helping to drive the market rally by growing purchase rate. After a 7.75 percent decline in major transactions in the last 24 hours, over $793 million in transactions happened on the YFI network over the last week. In reality, the price of the alt has risen by 8% in the last 30 days.

Other altcoins with similar narratives to YFI include DOT, ADA, and XRP, with differences in trade volume development. The value trapped in YFI is close to traders’ sentiment, and the probability of a potential price rise was found to be on a similar basis. A shift in trading rate is likely to have a direct effect on the market rally, as shorting these alts can currently be more lucrative than purchasing low and selling big.

On the opposite, the approach of purchasing low and selling high might not be the best way to capitalise on the YFI, XRP, DOT, and ADA market trends. Based on an overview of the past success of top market capitalisation coins such as Bitcoin and altcoins such as Ethereum, BNB, ETH, and ADA have seen their values plummet.

Here's the metric that is influencing YFI, XRP, DOT and ADA's price

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XRP, in particular, is worth considering because it has stayed mostly rangebound over the last week. In fact, despite the fact that the market pattern has remained unchanged, XRP has remained relatively rangebound below $0.60. When the ADA and DOT prices are considered, something similar can be observed. The effect on price is good, and it is likely to continue growing if this price action in XRP persists.

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