Here’s the takeaway from Solana’s attempts to avoid market hysteria:

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Solana was trading about $40 on August 10th. However, a month later, the cryptocurrency is now worth close to $200. The alt’s 480 percent increase is remarkable, but not all that surprising. Here’s why:

Investors galore

Investment inflows into altcoins have always acted as catalysts for growth. One of the catalysts contributing to Solana’s bullish momentum was funding from investors led by Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain in June.

Solana secured $314 million, with the amount being used to further its technology in the decentralized finance (DeFi) arena. However, the investment took the form of SOL coin purchases, rather than traditional equity shares.

Solana outranking XRP and Dogecoin to take up the sixth spot on the charts can also be credited to the heightened institutional interest over the last few months. Notably, Solana forged new contracts with Hacken Foundation and, both of which contributed to its growth.

FUDs and downfall

As the broader market consolidated during the last 24 hours, Solana’s value fell by roughly 13%. Notably, Solana was one of the top 10 worst-affected, with a depreciation rate in the double digits.

The drop in altcoin values could be attributed to regulatory monitoring of such cryptos. Especially when the Chairman of the FCA in the United Kingdom, Charles Randell, claimed that celebrities put regular investors at risk by attracting them to cryptocurrencies that could be scams.

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This was in reference to Kim Kardashian’s promotion of a little-known “penny stock” cryptocurrency called Ethereum Max to her more than 200 million Instagram followers.

Nonetheless, the market, in general, has always reacted immediately to FUDs. This time was no different, but could the fall in SOL’s price be indicative of reduced market confidence for the alt? Especially amid accusations of altcoins being a scam? Well, not really.

Solana is here to stay

Solana is still more risk-free and profitable than some of the top alts and even BTC, highlighting better ROIs. Apart from SOL’s 24-hour ROI, all its long and short-term ROIs had highly positive numbers at press time.

What’s more, Solana’s market cap was greater than XRP and Dogecoin’s, at the time of writing. Additionally, SOL’s Sharpe ratio saw a steady upward trend and had a reading of 13.07. On the contrary, the same for Cardano was 7.4 and for Ethereum was 2.4.

This means that the alt’s performance compared to a “risk-free” asset over a window of time was 12 times better than Ethereum and two times better than Cardano. Apart from that, another key reason why Solana’s price may continue to rise is the announcement of its fourth hackathon event slated for 8 October.

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Further, recently, the number of liquid staking solutions on Solana doubled in just 3 hours on 8 September – A good signal for the network.

Most significantly, the greater Solana ecosystem continues to thrive with initiatives such as the launch of Wormhole, a communication protocol between Solana and other DeFi initiatives. As a result, it appears that SOL is here to stay.

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