How can the combination of MATIC and LINK benefit traders’ portfolios?

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While there are numerous altcoin pairings that assist to reduce market risk to some level. MATIC and LINK are one such combo. During Bitcoin’s peak and corrections, the two cryptocurrencies show inverse relationships. Historically, LINK has rallied after BTC drops, whereas MATIC has rallied with BTC. This is based on their pricing pattern and observations from the previous year.

Both of these cryptocurrencies are in the top 20 by market capitalisation on, and their commonalities make them ideal for adding to a portfolio.

LINK was trading 52% below its all-time high, but it had a market capitalisation of $24.7 billion at the time. The altcoin is presently worth $24.71. The social volume has decreased, indicating that the currency is currently cheap, according to a graphic from For more than two weeks, LINK has been rangebound below $32; if the upward trend continues, the price is projected to break beyond $40.

In the instance of MATIC, after falling to the $0.8 level, the cryptocurrency has recovered and is now trading at $1.45. Because of the liquidity and volatility among exchanges, the recovery was swift. MATIC’s 24-hour trade volume on key markets across exchanges is relatively large, resulting in a faster recovery than anticipated.

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The price was 45 percent below its all-time high, and MATIC’s growth is more organic than ever. MATIC began as an L2 scaling solution and has progressed significantly in terms of collaborations, community growth, and social media mentions. Long-term trader mood is favourable, and when it comes to selecting altcoins to add to a portfolio, LINK and MATIC are both rivals. The likelihood of profiting on the total portfolio via the slaughter and flash collapses makes it profitable for traders to add both of these cryptocurrencies in comparable volume to their portfolio.

Through the May 19 flash collapse, institutional investors showed interest in both and accumulated LINK and MATIC. More accumulation is predicted in the short term if a slaughter occurs in the coming weeks of June. However, in terms of metrics, HODLer composition, and price trend, these two cryptocurrencies complement each other till then.

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