How Nigerian singer Erigga used Bitcoin to get Elon Musk’s Attention on twitter

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Nigerian artist Erigga tweeted asking people to pick between dinner with Elon Musk  and 2 BTC.
Then 1 Bitcoin was valued about $40K on January 9th. Mind Elon Musk, he’s the richest man alive.

It was claimed that the people who replied to the singer’s tweet chose 2 bitcoins equal to $80,000 over dinner with “the world’s richest man”.

It wasn’t just a tweet from the singer that had Musk’s attention, but a reluctance to have dinner with him based on popular opinion. Musk expressed his disappointment by tweeting a sad emoji-face to the tweet by the singer.

Elon Musk responds when Nigerian singer Erigga asks fans to choose between a Musk dinner and two Bitcoins.

Elon Musk reacts as Nigerian singer Erigga asks fans to choose between dinner with Musk and 2 Bitcoins

Elon Musk reacts as Nigerian singer Erigga asks fans to choose between dinner with Musk and 2 Bitcoins

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