How Samsung attempts to convert iPhone owners into Android adopters with the Galaxy test drive mobile app.

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For iPhone users who want a “taste of Samsung”

While Samsung’s Galaxy S21 lineup is selling better than the previous version, the company is still interested in shifting some of Apple’s less religious devotees to “the other side.” To that end, Samsung has released a web app that simulates the Galaxy experience on an iPhone and helps users to learn more about its features.

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 smartphones are said to be selling three times as well as the previous generation, owing to the fact that they deliver the same features at a cheaper price that is more appealing to buyers. When the firm isn’t attempting to entice its most ardent followers with its exotic Galaxy foldable or playing with drone delivery of phones, it’s attempting to persuade iPhone owners to upgrade to a Galaxy handset.


As spotted by MacRumors, Samsung built an interactive website that offers iPhone users “a little taste of Samsung, without changing phones.” It provides the ability to “sample the other side” right from the comfort of a mobile browser. The iTest web app first prompts users to save it to the iPhone’s Home Screen.

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When you open it, you’ll see a virtual Galaxy smartphone home screen with all of the pre-installed applications you’d normally see on a Galaxy handset. The experience is a cleverly crafted publicity ploy wrapped in a mockup of a One UI. When you open an app, such as the camera app, a video of influencer Logan Dodds explaining the interface and functionality will play. When you tap the Galaxy Store or other applications, you’ll see samples of handset features and Galaxy accessories.

When playing with the simulation, messages take players on a tour of the Galaxy’s features. When consumers are so far off course and presume they’re using an actual Android operating system, the software can crack a joke. When you want to go further into Settings, you’re greeted with the note, “We’ve simplified the settings menu experience, just so our developer could have a lunch break.”

The ad campaign is aimed at iPhone users in New Zealand, but everyone is welcome to participate. Although it is unlikely that many iPhone users would turn to a Samsung Galaxy handset, it is a smart attempt and probably the company’s most optimistic to date.

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