In a longevity test, Lenovo’s Legion Phone Duel 2 snaps alarmingly easily.

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Serious structural flaws

Zack points out that longevity is just one feature of a handset, and that a case could fix the rest of the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2’s structural problems. Even so, the ease at which the unit was destroyed would be extremely worrying for prospective buyers. Imagine sitting down by mistake with it in your back pocket and finding you’re suddenly out of at least $950.


Lenovo’s new Legion Phone Dual 2 officially broke cover earlier this week and literally did the same thing in Jerry Rig Everything’s latest video. Apparently, Lenovo didn’t get Apple’s “Bendgate” memo from 2014 that large phones need extra attention to overcome structural weaknesses.

In Zack’s most recent update, he puts the Legion Phone Dual 2 through its paces. Nothing particularly alarming stands out until he tries to bend the phone. That’s where, as you’ll see, things go terribly wrong.

Without much force, the handset snapped like a twig. Zack discovered the handset had broken cleanly along the antenna lines, which are typically made of plastic to enable wireless signals to travel easily. This was reinforced by the failure of the other hand, which seemed to collapse almost as effortlessly, resulting in three distinct bits.

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