In partnership with Oasis Network, Akon will offer historic DNA data art as NFT.

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The singer is working on a one-of-a-kind art project with a historic gene sequencing firm.

It seems like all these days is an NFT, and your DNA might be next.

AkoinNFT, the nonfungible token network created by guitarist and aspiring blockchain developer Akon, revealed today the proposed auction of an NFT containing a “high-res artistic representation” of Professor George Church’s genetic records, a renowned biology scholar and the first person to have their genome sequenced.

To store the metadata, AkoinNFT will use Oasis Labs’ Parcel creation tool, and buyers will have the option of receiving a “30x whole genome sequencing” of their own DNA from project partner Nebula Genomics, a DNA sequencing company co-founded by Church himself.

The auction will take place on Thursday, June 10th, with the intention of “kick-starting a conversation around fair and transparent ways to monetize and share health data.”

“As we celebrate the artist within all of us, there is no better indicator than our own Genome Sequenced DNA to showcase the individuality that makes us who we are. This NFT drop will be groundbreaking in so many ways,” said Akon in the release.

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Church is regarded as a trailblazer for making his medical history and data accessible, in addition to being the first to get their DNA sequenced. As a consequence, hundreds, if not thousands, of scientific studies have used his results.

The transition to medical or genomic records stored as an NFT could pave the way for the Oasis Network to do more comprehensive medical record work. As part of a patchwork of recent projects, the network recently announced a massive migration of a DeFi protocol, but in 2018, it raised $45 million for a pitch heavily focused on privacy-preserving computing that will involve several medical record use cases.

According to Oasis COO Anne Fauvre, the Parcel application tool could be used for other off-chain data sets.

“We envision Parcel and the Oasis Network, with its ability to tokenize numerous classes of off-chain assets, as the ideal platform for securing the next generation of NFTs.”

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