Intel Grand Slam suspended, multiple regional split wins not counted


Not only did the Intel Grand Slam Counter-Strike: Global Offensive circuit got suspended, but ESL also announces that the previous regional split wins will no longer count.

The decision to suspend the third season of the CS:GO eSports event, Intel Grand Slam, this year is reportedly due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Like all the other eSports events penned for this year, ESL decided to adjust the course of its big event with the absence of international competition happening on LAN.

ESL recently issued a press release to announce the official update and adjustment to the mechanics of the Intel Grand Slam Season 3.

Regional split events not counted

Due to the lockdowns and orders against mass gatherings, the regional competitions for the Intel Grand Slam were alternatively organized online, instead of taking place on LAN in an international stage.

An excerpt of ESL’s announcement reads:

The vision behind the Intel Grand Slam is to reward the world’s most dominant team. Tournaments with multiple winners in multiple divisions do not point to the world’s best team with enough clarity.

ESL aims to stay true to its vision which cannot be done with recognizing multiple regional wins as points for the Intel Grand Slam. Therefore, the organization decided to not count the results from the split events with multiple champion titles.

Adjusted team standing

With this, ESL issued an updated team standing:

  • Natus Vincere – one trophy, nine chances remaining
  • Mousesports – one trophy, eight chances remaining
  • Astralis – one trophy, seven chances remaining
  • Fnatic – one trophy, six chances remaining
  • Evil Geniuses – one trophy, five chances remaining
  • Team Liquid – one trophy, four chances remaining

The current ranking was also adjusted based on the new and older event results, also covering the recently concluded ESL Pro League finals.

Accordingly, the US$1 million [AU$1,540,286 million] grand CS:GO international circuit is based on two conditions as stated by the ESL’s IGS rules;

  • either from completed six wins in ESL Pro Tour Masters tournaments within the span of ten consecutive events.
  • or from four wins in ESL Pro Tour Masters tournaments also within the span of ten consecutive events, inclusive of a Championship level ESL Pro Tour event—such as IEM Katowice or ESL One Cologne Masters Championships.

These changes will accordingly apply until further notice from the organization. More likely, event changes will depend based on how long this pandemic will keep everyone indoors.

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