Investor comforts the traumatised first timers as crypto declining rates worsens

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Bitcoin’s latest 28 percent decline has been a very harrowing experience for some first time investors.

Known for its uncertainty, Bitcoin (BTC) has recently fallen more than $11,000 during a four-day stretch following weeks of rising market activity. In the middle of a fresh bull run, Bitcoin is expected to rack up its fair share of new buyers—some of whom may not be familiar with the asset’s crazy price fluctuations, according to comments from Cheds, a crypto investor and an analyst on Twitter. Cheds holds the CMT level I certification—a benchmark that shows the experience of technical research.

“Given the recent surge in popularity of Bitcoin, we have many new investors and traders who have not been through any shock events, like that $8,500 daily range candle we just had,” Cheds told Cointelegraph.

Bitcoin surpassed its 2017 all-time price high in December 2020. In the following weeks, the asset doubled its former high near $20,000, tapping just shy of $42,000 on Jan. 8, based on data. This is likely due in part to big players from traditional finance buying Bitcoin in the second half of 2020. Metrics from crypto data site The Tie suggest a recent flow of retail money may be a contributing factor as well.

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“The true believers and really anyone who understands the supply/demand imbalance loves these volatility events, because it allows them to re-enter or add on to previous positions,” Cheds explained.

“As institutional accumulation continues to increase and the daily active trading float continues to decrease, the upwards bias for Bitcoin should continue, and, in my views, all dips should be accumulated.”

Other industry participants have noted that Bitcoin dips are common, and are pointing to the recent correction to help guide expectations.

Although Bitcoin has historically been synonymous with sizable price swings, its advancements past $20,000 have opened the door for higher dollar oscillations.

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