Is Bitcoin the orange pill? Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss what everyone gets wrong about BTC

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The Bitcoin boom in 2020 is undoubtedly one for the history books. The year is turning out to be one where the pioneer cryptocurrency has shed off its underground image and has found its way to the portfolios of legendary investors, software companies, and even sovereign funds.

Proponents are having a field day like never before. After all, it’s the start of the end of years of anti-Bitcoin government regulations, naysayers, and poor understanding of both Bitcoin and the broader crypto market (with advancements across stablecoins and DeFi apps).

Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert are two such individuals. Together, the husband-wife team head Heisenberg Capital and are hosts of the Keiser Report on RT. Keiser’s background is in brokerage, banking, options trading, and financial technology innovation, while Stacey is an American television producer and writer, apart from her work at Heisenberg.

Max Keiser (R) and Stacy Herbert (L). Image: Cryptonites.

Keiser was awarded a US patent for his virtual specialist technology for trading virtual securities and currencies. This patent launched (Hollywood Stock Exchange) and marked the start of both virtual currency trading and commercial prediction markets.

Today, the duo joined Cryptonites host Alex Fazel for a talk on Bitcoin, its rise and future, the end of naysaying, and the crypto rabbit hole that he and many others fell into the past years, discussing what most academics got wrong about Bitcoin and everyone is still very early.

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Here’s all they said.

Discussing Bitcoin at $1

Keiser started off with a very impactful line about Bitcoin. “You know, the US dollar, as Paul Krugman says, is backed by violence. Bitcoin is backed by peace,” he noted to Fazel.

Keiser and Stacy have been advocates of Bitcoin since the very early days of the industry, famously putting out videos about it on YouTube back when the asset traded at a few dollars.

“It was a continuation of the work I was doing in the mid-90s when I invented virtual currencies at that time. And this solved the centralization problem when I saw the white paper. So I got interested in it and started buying Bitcoin at $1 and realized it was going to probably take over gold as a reserve currency,” explained Keiser about how he got into Bitcoin back then.

Stacey, who’s been educating the populace about the space since 2011, chimed in. “The dollar has hyperinflated against Bitcoin, which is the only honest standard around the world at the moment.”

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She added:

“So you have seen that all fiat currencies have hyperinflated against Bitcoin.”

Gold bugs, Bitcoin, and what Buffett gets wrong

A major part of the talk with Fazel revolved around how Bitcoin skeptics have been continually wrong since its early days, and even more so as their stance does not change ever as Bitcoin comes so close to “replacing gold.”

“So I think we’re seeing that in the market is that gold is flatlining against Bitcoin, and the industry is moving to Bitcoin, sovereigns are moving to Bitcoin, and corporations are moving to Bitcoin,” said Keiser, adding that such a move pegs the long-term value of each BTC at over $500,000.

Meanwhile, he added that government bailouts had a huge hand to play in legendary fund manager Warren Buffett’s wealth advances in the past few decades. Buffett has famously downplayed Bitcoin and suggested (at multiple instances) that the entire market is a Ponzi scheme.

“If you strip out the bailouts and his performance, he’s underperforming the money market fund for 30 years. I wouldn’t place any value on his opinion either,” said Kaiser about Buffett’s opinion on the crypto market.

Stacy added in the regard:

“We’re at the end of the Fiat Dark Ages and the beginning of a new Fiat in a new Bitcoin renaissance in that he’s dumping all of his bank stocks like he’s held there for decades.”

She noted Buffett’s even dumping bank stocks, scaling back equity market positions, and investing big into Japanese conglomerates—all signs of a move away from the US dollar.

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What comes next for Bitcoin? How do academics, investors, and tech entrepreneurs embrace the new financial paradigm? And lastly, where is the Bitcoin market going ten years from now? Catch Keiser and Stacy discuss it all out in the latest Cryptonites videos, available for streaming in full below.

One thought on “Is Bitcoin the orange pill? Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss what everyone gets wrong about BTC

  1. An old saying keeps coming to mind. “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.” JFK used this quote during a speech in 1961 and we all know his eventual fate because he held such views.
    Anyhow, this C-19 thing has been weighing on my mind for quite some time. At the beginning of all the hysteria, well actually before that point, I suspected there was something wrong. I now firmly believe with close to 100% certainty as possible, that there are many things wrong with this narrative and all of them point to our loss of freedoms and us minions being put under the thumb of the Elites.
    I have recently discovered WHY this happening too, so bear with me.

    First off. Is Cov-19 real? Probably. But so is the flu. 70 years of flu vaccines have not even hindered that disease. C19 has less damaging affects in most regards, some worse affects in other regards but when 99.5% of people on the planet don’t even know if they have it and require some test to determine if they have it, doesn’t that make you question the narrative? (the tests have been consistently proven to be not accurate also) I mean really, if you have to go to be tested, to even find out if you have it…..doesn’t that in itself make you question things? I recently met ONE person who said they knew of someone who had it, that is the first instance of the many people I have asked. Amazing for a pandemic that is supposedly so terrible that the entire world must shut down their economies. I remember way back in April, telling people that I felt that the restrictions proposed on us minions would probably cause more deaths than the virus itself. I’ve been proven correct in that regard. It’s hard to quantify, but other than the ‘magical’ disappearance of the flu in ever single country on the planet, death rates for the elderly and those in long term care as well as suicides and other issues such as increased opiod use, outweighs the entire C-19 death rate. In addition to those facts, if you were tested for C19 and it was positive, it didn’t matter if you were hit by a bus and died, you were listed as a virus death. Pure insanity.
    I will get to the reasons why this is occurring, so bear with me.
    I have believed after achieving the ripe old age of about 40, that most evil things are the result of power, control and obviously money because that enables the first two. This is what is happening now and very few people see the connection.
    The do-gooders will scream and chastise anyone not wearing a mask. It’s because they want to appear virtuous and they are uneducated. They still watch MSM News and believe the crap that is shoved down their throats. It’s not because they are inherently bad people, it’s because they have been propagandized and they are either too lazy or too stupid to investigate matters on their own. There is a natural inclination for the average person to trust Institutions and people in power that is rife throughout the history of humanity. Throughout history, when a democracy starts, it just gets going, the Institutions and people in power do serve the people, the common good. Then over a period of time, the inclination for those in power to abuse that privilege, always occurs. Every single decent civilization has gone through it and of course, it’s always a bad ending. Just study the Roman Empire for example. But there are so many more examples. We are at that point in our history now. But it is far more serious because it involves the entire planet so there will not be refuges of freedom anywhere, that will enable us to start the process all over again. This time in history is a game changer and unless we stand up and fight back, then it’s all over.
    The PM of Canada exposed the real truth behind what is going on. He’s not a wise man to put it mildly so he didn’t do exactly as he was told by his Masters. He was supposed to give a speech and subtly mention the RESET to our lives. Well, Justin exposed himself and his masters. He blatantly told us that there is a plan in place for a New World Order. Anyhow, there are so many other examples of the Elites exposing themselves it would take an essay to write them all down.
    Ok, back to why this is happening. Yes, it’s about power, money and control for sure. But why? And how do the Elites plan on making this happen. And why is it happening now?
    Like I alluded to before, follow the money. Damn, even average crimes, heinous crimes and things unimaginable to most of us, are quite often the result of money. Basically, things that affetct us all, in a bad way, are due to power and money for those in control
    In July 1944, the world leaders got together at Bretton Woods to come up with a financial system that the world has relied upon since then. Prior to that point, the USA created the FED on Dec 23, 1913. There are many other points along the way but those were the two most significant. The third significant event was Nixon taking the USD off the gold standard in 1971. A momentous and disastrous event but very few people realized the consequences, at the time.

    So initially the Fed was created by the Elites. It was conjured up by psychotic people who have a long term plan. Control and domination of us minions. If you have the time, look into the Fed, one it is not part of the government, it should not even exist. In a nutshell, the Fed creates money out of thin air. They do not produce anything and they are not under the direct control of government. The have one tool in their shed, raise or lower interest rates. Well they also have one other tool. Perception. Everyone believes the Fed has their best interests in mind when in reality they only have the best interests of the Elites in mind. Bail-outs for example. Pumping currency into the economy at a clip that is unbelievable to say the least. For example, the Fed has magically created more currency in the past quarter than in the prior 200 years of the existence of the USA. Hmm. Interesting. But since Bretton Woods, the USD has been the world reserve currency, so they got away with it. This is the exact reason why manufacturing and jobs were outsourced to other parts of the world. It meant the Corporations world could make more profits. The USA can, at the point of a finger, clip a button and create currency out of thin air. But the world is catching on. The BRICS nations are rapidly getting away from the USD and they should. The status of Reserve currency is also the reason that the USA could impose it’s will on the rest of the world because the vast majority of transactions such as oil, food, mineral resources and smaller yet very important things, must pass through the USD. In other words, if your particular country doesn’t bow down and do the US Governments will, you will be economically punished.

    So what is going on now? We have C19 punishing small businesses and putting about 30% of them out of business, how on earth could this be a good thing? Well, it’s put more control and power into the hands of the Elites. Google, Amazon, Walmart and several other massive entities are prospering while us minions are suffering. All the while, the politicians get a pay rise. It’s shocking.
    The next move is to abolish paper currency. It’s not as traceable and taxable as a government controlled digital system. Trust me, this is on the way. Plus, there is no accountability when the government orders some bureaucrat to push a button and create an extra trillion. But even worse than that, that currency will only go into the hands of the Corporations at first and then eventually into the hands of us minions who follow every dictate that comes down from above. God forbid you refuse to get a vaccine for C19, you won’t be able to travel, you might not even be allowed to go renew your Driver’s License etc. It’s totally about control. To hell with your inalienable rights and freedoms, that tiny tiny minority in control, won’t allow that.

    We are sheep. We believe MSM news, Hollywood and all other things that have be purposely designed to infect our minds.

    So what is the solution? It’s not easy but it’s definitely not that hard either. Since it all boils down to money, which means control and power then it’s time for the average person to take back control of their lives. Technology has made us so much more efficient, energy use is way more efficient. We are far more productive than even 10 years ago. So where the hell did that wealth go? When I grew up in a family of 7, we did fine. There were no extravagances and I personally felt we were poor by comparison to my friends families but darn, life was good. A single income family that did just fine. Nowadays, you need 2 incomes to break even and quite frankly, your actual wealth has declined. This is why the Elites want to break up the family unit and there are doing a heck of a job succeeding.
    So how exactly do you take back control of your wealth? We live in a purposely designed system that lets the Fed and all central banks in each country, control us because they control the distribution of currency and hence our day to day lives. Its a truly insane method of wealth distribution because it emanates from the Elites who have a plan. Us minions don’t have a plan. All we care about is our family and friends and having a good life. The psychopaths actually have a plan, because they are psychopaths.

    So the whole C19 thing is a farce and it’s so obvious but how do we counter it? Yes protest. Yes stand up for your Rights. Yes, be willing to fight the powers that be. But in essence it comes down to your economic freedom. If you are controlled on an economic level, your existence, then you have no ability to respond. Fairly shortly, many governments will be helicopter dropping currency to people, to make them compliant and reliant of them. It’s the next step before the big crash.
    So here is why this is happening now. Our monetary and financial system has been ruined by those in charge. There is not one Fiat Currency that has ever survived, never. Not one instance in the history of humanity. Except for our present Fiat currencies which have only been around for about 70 years, there has never ever been a fiat currency that did not go bust. If the USA can print in ONE quarter of the year, more currency than in the past 200 years, doesn’t that make you sit up and take notice? The ponzi scheme is ending but since the Elites are in control, they will drag it out for a bit longer.
    So why C19 now? It’s an excuse. It’s that simple. Those in power will not allow us to connect the dots and realize that it has been their mismanagement that has caused this to happen. It’s Covid. It’s all about Covid. How convenient.
    But there is a hope. There is a method to take the power back. For sure, demonstrations and riots could work but probably not. The Elites have expertly divided us, so I don’t see that happening. If everyone took back control of their value, their wealth then every single government would have to serve the people. Psychopaths would no longer desire such a job too. In other words, those who are supposed to represent and support the people, would actually attract the very people who would excel at such a job.
    It’s about controlling your own destiny. I got into gold and silver many years ago and after accumulating a certain amount, the realization hit me. My pathetic government has NO IDEA that I possess this money. It’s not currency by the way, it’s actual money. And in spite of the obvious and flagrant manipulations of the gold and silver markets, the damn minerals just keep becoming more valuable.
    So I thought I was good as gold, so to speak. I wasn’t. I was far better off than 99% of my fellow countrymen, not with respect to present terms of wealth, but long term. Gold and silver has historically held it’s value and we’re talking thousands of years. Fiat currencies also get hyper-inflated and they die.
    Then I got into Blockchain technology. Just reading about it, watching YouTube videos etc, it was so complicated and confusing to me but I was fascinated. Then life distracted me and I did not follow through with my instincts. Now, I have finally followed through.
    Blockchain technology is to finances, as the Internet is to email. Think that one through. The internet is amazing but it’s useless unless there are applications that people use. Email, Skype, googlemaps etc. But the internet by itself, is useless to us. Blockchain is the new Internet. It’s useless to us unless there are applications.
    The biggest application is control of your own wealth. It’s not a currency, it’s actual money. And the added bonus, is that our psychopathic governments cannot control it. In a nutshell, to control crypto-currencies, the internet must be shut down, world-wide. It simply can’t happen. You are anonymous with crypto but only as far as you wish. You can be somewhat anonymous or completely off the grid.
    Good bye to Fiat currencies. Good bye to governments not representing the people. Good bye to never ending wars around the world. Block chain technology is revolutionary. It changes everything. I won’t get into all of it but it is truly fascinating.
    So what does this have to do with Cov-19? Our present financial system is dying, in fact it will implode shortly. Without cryptos, what the hell could anyone do other than hoard gold and silver and wait for a reset. But there is no intended RESET of finances. There is an obvious reset of control and power to the point the us minions might be thanking the Elites for parceling out things that enable us to survive. That is the Elite’s plan. Make us dependent and even thankful that they have come to our rescue. When in reality, those psychopaths caused it all.

    In a nutshell, spend 10 hours learning about crypto. Buy some gold and silver if you are in that position. Stop listening to MSM news because they are totally controlled and subservient to the very people who want to destroy and then control you.
    It’s been a long journey for me. I can no longer ignore the facts in spite of my past inclinations. If you don’t at least make an effort, then sadly, you will be shipped off on a train to the new Auschwitz. I don’t want that to happen to anyone, even if you are too ignorant and lazy to learn.

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