Ivanka Trump’s luxurious Miami apartment building accepts cryptocurrency as payment for condos.

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Miami’s Arte Surfside luxury apartments are now targeted at crypto millionaires and billionaires, with the cheapest condo listed at more than $10 million.

Arte Surfside, a luxurious Miami apartment, will now embrace cryptocurrency as payment for its remaining luxury homes, including the Villa Nove penthouse, which is reportedly priced for $38 million.

The company has collaborated with the exchange platform SolidBlock to enable prospective customers to pay in a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ether.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, as well as fashion blogger Arielle Charnas from Something Navy, also live in the region’s “most exclusive” condominium. It is now attempting to cater to crypto millionaires and billionaires drawn to Miami because of its Bitcoin-friendly credibility.

The cheapest condo affordable, according to the announcement, starts at $10.3 million, with spaces ranging from three to five bedrooms and access to a 75-foot indoor pool, yoga pond, rooftop tennis court, and exclusive temperature-controlled parking spaces. The biggest selling to date was $33 million for the penthouse apartment, which has recently been relisted at $38 million.

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The decision to embrace cryptocurrencies was influenced by the fact that a number of top Silicon Valley companies and venture capital firms had relocated to the area, according to developers Sapir Corp.

Miami Mayer Francis Suarez has already met with ‘Dogecoin CEO’ Elon Musk, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and Google CEO Eric Schmidt in an effort to convince them to move operation to the sunny state. Cryptofinance firm XBTO Group has a new office there, Scott Minerd from global investment firm Guggenheim Partners and Peter Thiel-associate Keith Rabois have bought property, and VC Delian Asparouhov joked on social media about moving Silicon Valley to Miami.

Chairman of Sapir Corp Alex Sapir said the company supported Mayor Francis Suarez’s vision to make Miami a cryptocurrency and technology hub.

“As the most exclusive luxury building in the city, we’re positioning ourselves for a future where half the world’s billionaires are crypto billionaires, which will happen once Bitcoin reaches $200,000. With cryptocurrencies already creating incredible worldwide wealth, it’s real estate that will sustain that wealth and provide buyers with a legacy.”

Suarez has made it clear over the last year that he wants Miami to be known as the country’s crypto hub, and he hailed Arte’s announcement as the first of many.

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“The embrace of cryptocurrency and emerging technologies across all sectors of industry is precisely how Miami will become the city of the century,” Mayor Francis Suarez said. “Arte is setting an important precedent and I won’t be surprised to hear similar stories in the near future.”

A resolution for a new cryptocurrency task force passed on May 6, looking at the feasibility of allowing the Miami-Dade county to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for taxes, fees, and services.

Next month, Miami will host the world’s largest Bitcoin conference, Bitcoin 2021 conference.

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